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Build powerful AI bots using LLM triggers

Use AI to dynamically power your app. Flex simplifies the process of using AI-based conditional triggers with multi-model support, so you can build better apps, faster.

What is AI Logic?
Create conditional triggers in natural language. Build bots that run on LLM reasoning, an AI “brain” that understands user intent in real-time to decide what output to run.

Set complex AI triggers that react to any input

Code less, deliver more. Use AI to take over the heavy-lifting: manually coding conditional triggers and API integrations. Build faster using natural language conditions that don’t require pre-defined inputs.


Build, test and publish AI apps quickly

Build and troubleshoot apps with speed and ease. Our straightforward dashboard and bot builder makes Flex both powerful for developers and accessible to non-technical people.


Easily deploy custom AI bots in minutes

Deploy and embed AI apps and bots on your website using Flex. Our iFrame integration simplifies adding powerful AI functionalities to your site, ensuring a great user experience with minimal effort.


Build with the right LLM for the task at hand

Integrate different LLMs, connect to third-party APIs and databases and write bespoke business logic and prompts quickly, scalably and securely.


Flex is the AI layer for any app. Build powerful apps, faster.

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“We built a performant AI app in a few hours using Flex”

Louis Quaintance

CTO, StreaksAI

“We built a performant AI app in a few hours using Flex.”
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Louis Quaintance

CEO, Reimagine Work

“With Flex, we've been able to speed up our time to ship new features by around 5x”

Thiago Bernardi

Tech Lead, Crowdform

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Luci Gordon

Head of People, Crowdform